Christian has been an avid con goer since 2009, attending his first con at Anime Expo 2009. Under the alias timps4life or LIMit, Christian is a nurse by trade, but gamer and lover of many fandoms at heart. Influenced by his time cosplaying and his colleagues in the photography/videography scene of the cosplay community, Christian is excited to capture memories and experiences of what SoCalAnime is and what it will be.



My name is Mike or EXT.
I have been a photographer for the better part of 8 years now.
Working in the cosplay, carshow, modeling communities going to events across norcal and socal.
I have been able to meet and shoot with some of the most amazing people in each community.
My passion for photography came about as I started exploring different art forms in collage.
The mindset I have for taking photos comes from me wanting to replicate what I see and then altering it to create something that can possibly last in people’s minds. 


Interested in coming out to our event and covering with photograpy, videography, content creation?

Register and we will get back to you!