Calling all cosplayers! Show off your crafting skills at our premier cosplay contest. Stay tuned for scheduling updates!

Contest Host


With over 25 years of convention experience, Chuck has witnessed the anime community grow since its infancy. He is widely known for his vast encyclopedia knowledge of anime and manga analytics. He has hosted numerous cosplay competitions across Southern California while bringing community support to new and experienced cosplayers. He is also known for his cooking in Japanese cuisine and its said if you are to try his cooking you’ll end up stripping naked just like in Food Wars. 

Contest Judges


Jon’s first anime convention was Anime Expo 2006, and this experience had completely immersed him in the world of cosplay and the anime convention scene as a whole. Since first cosplaying in 2007, Jon has amassed an eclectic collection of cosplays ranging from various genres of anime, video games, and even the world of wrestling. Starting in 2015, Jon has hosted and co-hosted various cosplay gatherings including Tokyo Ghoul, Black Clover, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Currently his favorite series to cosplay are Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure given how easy and comfortable the cosplays are and Final Fantasy XIV because of how intricately the armor and fabric work are meshed together. Jon’s never been to YCS, but he’ll send you to the shadow realm in a heartbeat given his prowess in THE card game. Jon has 3 ghost rares including the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, so you know his skills are validated.



Miso Tokki is a cosplayer of 12 years with a background in sewing and theater. She is inspired by the vast talents the cosplay community brings herself and others. She strives to always improve her crafting skills to bring smiles and joy to fans and other artists through cosplay.


Akemi is a cosplay entertainer, model, and costume designer. She first started cosplaying in 2012 and since then has turned it into her full-time career creating content, selling costume creations, and traveling to conventions. Akemi has made a large variety of costumes inspired by anime, movies, and video games; her most notable and award winning creations being from the popular MOBA game League of Legends. When she is not crafting her next cosplay creation, Akemi spends her time planning her next cosplay costume! 


Vincent was first introduced to his first cosplay convention in 2008 and fell in love with that community ever since. He has traveled up and down the coast of California and even made his way in to other states across the U.S. to experience the different communities and cosplays scenes that others had to offer. He has cosplayed everything from Marvel and DC to Anime and Disney. He specializes in both Cosplay Judging as well as Cosplay Gatherings. His favorite genres to cosplay are his Otome ones where he gets to be many of his favorite Bishi Boi’s.