If you are interested in participating, please check the  cosplay  page on the
website to ensure you are aware of any updated/added/changed rules. Be advised that signing
up for any cosplay contest is an affirmation that you agree to adhere to the rules presented on
the Socalanime Con website as well as any decisions made by cosplay staff prior to, or during,
Socalanime Con.

All cosplay events/panels have the potential to be photographed/filmed/recorded. These
recordings may be used in future galleries or promotions. Signing up for, and/or attending, any
cosplay event is done with the understanding that recording could occur at any time, and
permission is tacitly given for the participant’s likeness to be used.

  •  All participants must have Convention band or badge (this includes Vendor, Press, and
    other specialty badges). Members of the convention staff are ineligible to compete.
  •  You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the cosplay competition.
  •  A contestant may only apply once.
  •  Participants must pre-register at the convention before 3:30 pm Saturday or online on
    our website at Registration will take place at the information table.
    There will be a limited number of slots so it is best to register early in the day if you can.
  •  Costumes cannot depict or be in violation of any law.
  •  All cosplays must abide by the rules of the convention, including but not limited to the
    conventions Weapons and Harassment policies. If a policy violation is discovered, that
    entry will be disqualified immediately. Weapons must also follow California state laws
    regarding their usage and approved by convention staff.
  • You can cosplay anime, manga, comic, and video game characters as long as you don’t
    show nudity, use aggressive conduct, or use sexually oriented costumes or behaviors.
  •  For group cosplay performances, a maximum of 5 persons per group can participate.
  •  Costumes cannot promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use
    of any of the foregoing), any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous or any
    particular political agenda or message.
  •  Cosplay cannot be obscene, offensive, nor endorse any form of hate or hate group.
  •  No drunkenness or use of controlled substances is allowed.
  •  No profanity allowed on stage. That includes messages on signs or clothes. Anyone who
    violates this will be disqualified from the competition.
  •  Costumes cannot defame, misrepresent or contain disparaging remarks about
    Socalanime or its products, or other people, products or companies.
  •  Your cosplay must cover swimsuit areas – no nudity. Body-paint cosplay are not eligible
    unless swimsuit area are covered for craftsmanship.
  •  Please refrain from wearing or using any substances that may potentially interfere with
    another participant’s costume. If you are wearing body paint or make-up, please make
    sure it will not come in contact with others. Do not leave anything on the stage.
  •  Professionally crafted or rented cosplay are allowed as long as credited is given to the
    creator. Detailed crafting notes, as well as progress pictures, are highly encouraged.
  •  No electrical power connections will be provided. If your costume requires power it
    must be part of your costume design.
  •  Pictures will be taken during judging and throughout the cosplay contest of all
    participants and will be the property of the Socalanime convention. If you do not agree,
    you will not be allowed to participate.
  •  Performances must have a duration of 20 to 30 second. Performances will be stopped at
    the 45 second mark.
  •  Any participant may be disqualified from the contest by Socalanime and convention
    staff for failure to observe any of these rules. All decisions made by the judges and are

Judging Rules and Criteria

1. Craftsmanship – How the entrant made their cosplay, use of materials and creativity
2. Likeness/Detail – How close the contestant resembles the character they are cosplaying.
3. Presentation – How the entrant presents their cosplay to the judges in pre-judging and
how the entrant showcases their cosplay on stage during the contest.

Pre Judging Criteria

  •  Pre‐Judging: The hours for the cosplay contest pre‐judging are 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on
    Saturday, just before the contest begins at 5:00 PM on Saturday.
  •  ALL participants must attend the pre‐judging session even if not being judged on craftsmanship.
    This is to verify that you are present for the competition.
  •  Leave all personal belongings behind in your car/hotel room. There will not be any designated
    areas for cosplayers to store their belongings with the exception of your progress and reference
  •  Skits will not be performed for the judges at this time.
  •  You will have several judges looking you over at once. Try not to be too nervous; the judges are
    people who love costuming and acting in character just as much as you do. Judges will be
    respect and mindful of your personal space.